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May to September 2014

Our Wild Farm Walk takes you on a tour of our unusual Highland Farm near Tomintoul, where the herd of Reindeer who are part of the now famous Cairngorm herd spend their summer months. Also on the farm, herds of beautiful Fallow & Red deer graze, a flock of tiny Soay sheep roam and Wild Boar root for their food. Not to forget the native Belted Galloway Cattle and Highland Cows.

Although the Red and Fallow deer and Soay sheep are timid by nature they will come to feed close by and in contrast the Wild Boar are always very bold, noisy and very hungry.

Finally the Reindeer always love the food we bring them and are a joy to hand feed with their soft velvet noses. Everyone enjoys the hands on experience with the reindeer.




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