Belted Galloways are a native Scottish breed of cattle easily distinguished by a white belt round their belly. The vast majority are black and white but there is a recognised “red” colour and “dun” colour. The Belted Galloway Society which regulates the pedigreeing of Belted Galloways recognises any shape of belt as long as it is complete all the way round. The belt can be fat, thin or irregular, as long as it goes all the way.

We have had a pedigree herd of Belted Galloways since 1995 when we bought our first cows with calves at foot from a rare breeds sale at Thainstone Mart. The next month we went to the Belted Galloway sale at Castle Douglas and bought our first bull, Park Victory.

Our herd has grown since then with Park Victory being replaced by Balcorrach Athol and then Huntfield Herman (now for sale - 2014). Our main bull now is Polbae Livingstone who runs with our home bred heifers.

We chose Belties to have on our farm because they are a native breed, hardy in the winter, easy to calve and tasty to eat. With their striking white belt I describe them as my “zebras”, even though they only have one stripe! Over the years they have lived up to their reputation. From one day to the next they look after themselves. They calve all year round and being good “milkers” the calves grow quickly. During the summer months they are out on the rougher pastures where they thrive and then after Christmas they come close to the farm so we can feed them hay and silage in the dry while still giving them access to the elements.

We are often handling our Belties, moving them round the farm to different grazing and during the depths of winter seeing them daily in their wintering shed. As a result our cattle are very quiet and the bulls are quite safe to be around.

We regularly have breeding stock, of which all are pedigreed, quiet and easy to handle.

Belted Galloways for sale

Always have home bred young Heifers for sale. Please enquire for available stock


Bull - Huntsfield Herman: born 26/05/04. He was bought from Castle Douglas sale on October 2006. He Became our breeding bull a year later. Since then Huntsfield Herman has fathered 60 calves, 30 female and 30 male! He is realy quiet and easy to handle and we are only selling him because of a herd reduction and making our second bull, Polbae Livingston our main bull to run with our cows. Please enquire if you are interested in buying him.


Based in the highlands of Scotland we are in a 4 year T.B testing area.


Our castrated males are sent to slaughter when they are around 30 months old. We are lucky to have a local slaughter house which means we do not have to travel them too far. The beef once butchered comes back to us where we sell it from the farm, frozen.

Prices vary depending on the joint of meat; Silverside Topside Brisket Rib roast Braising steak Stewing steak Mince Sirloin/rump steak Fillet steak. There is also a demand for whole carcasses split between 2 or 4 people. A whole carcass can weigh anything up to 300 Kg+. The price for this is £5 per Kg. Once butchered, about £250-£300 per quarter carcass.

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